Rorschach Mud Puddle Test

So, what does this puddle look like to you?

I took this picture before the snow we had on Sunday.

I'm seeing images in the puddles instead of the clouds, hmmm, think I have spring fever?!?!


  1. I too Love puddle/reflection pics Jill ...
    makes me think that instead of stomping in the puddle like we did when we were little ... now we take photos which is still a kind of "play" ;)

  2. I see an alligator reading a book...

  3. I saw a beagle puppy with floppy ears right away but that may be because I played with one at the vet's today :D.. I do see the alligator though also...

  4. I see a skinny sideways horse - you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink :)


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