Texture Tuesday: The Word Edition

I'm linking up once again with Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday. This week's theme is to use words in your photo or post.

Each of the following photographs was textured with a layer of Kim's texture "wisdom" on overlay at 45% opacity.

I took these photos last summer in my tank garden.

The blooms were plucked from my Black-eyed Susan Vine.

I thought they might make a nice pressed flower.  

And, if I can find the dictionary that I pressed them in, I'll find out. :)


  1. Your presentation of these photos is so beautiful.

  2. Beautiful images...yes, I have done that, pressed flowers in a book, then completely forgot where they were!!

  3. This is a really fun "take" on textures and words. Very clever and unexpected fun! Took a few minutes to look at your blog...gorgeous, fun daughter....lots of fun variety in your posts. Great work. Always keep it fun. smiles: sharon

  4. These are lovely. I think you're right, they will be nice as pressed flowers. You can even frame them afterwards :)

  5. aren't they beautiful and blooms go perfectly with text!

    had to giggle when you said 'when' you find the dictionary ... I lost some Queen Anne's Lace once like that, they get so flat ... well you know

    since then I have slipped a paper bookmark in those flower press pages ;)

  6. love the composition...I hope you find the pressed flowers...they would be lovely...and I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who forgets where I put things...!

  7. Beautiful layout. Sweet little flowers.

  8. I love this! So pretty! I used to press flowers - I need to do get back into it!

  9. Beautiful composition. I do hope you find the right dictionary!


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