A Sweet Birthday Banner

Our daughter and granddaughter came for a short visit!

There were plenty of smiles BUT not when the camera was up!  Plus there was a lot of...let's just say sinus drainage. :) which made getting a picture of her a bit of a challenge.

She turns one in a month and my daughter came with a list of projects for us to work on for her party.

One of them being this shabby chic bunting.

We don't do a lot of decorating for parties here, but I need to make one of these shabby buntings now to hang somewhere! Sans the pink and the "number 1". Ha!

We just tore fabric in strips, cut some lace and various yarns to about the same length and tied them on a piece of jute.  I made the banner out of burlap and the "1" is made from two layers of ribbon glued in place.

Super easy!!
Super cute!!

I think she'll be walking a bit by her first birthday.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. OMG... she is sooo cute!! Love your banner too.
    many hugs
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  2. What a little sweetheart. Those darling cheeks are so kissable!

  3. SOO cute - I know it's dating myself but she looks just like a Campbell Kid!

  4. Such a darling girl with her lil teeth showing ... and that IS a really nice banner too!
    almost one already ... where does the time go!

  5. She is soooo adorable!!! I've been trying to decide if I need a banner like that.... I'm making some for a baby shower I'm giving...but I'm just doing paper triangles so far..... not sure where I'd hang the fabric one... but I do sooo love those! I'll let ya know!

  6. Jill... really? ONE?! ALREADY?!!!!!!!!!!!1

    good grief... She is GORGEOUS! and your banner is so FUN!!!! love the pink lace in it!!!


  7. Hi Jill, wow, one! My granddaughter will be one in July, and I know that every time she has a birthday I will think of the nappy cake and then of you. x Little Neve has two teeth now and is crawling everywhere, and learning to pull herself up on everything she can. Aren't we lucky? Carole x

    Oh and I think you have a spam (comment a couple above mine)


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