Just Tuesday.

The theme for this week's Texture Tuesday is "dream".

I just couldn't stop at "dream" because it means nothing to me without the hope.

So, I was going to link up with Texture Tuesday and had the post ready. Then, I realized that I actually didn't use a texture when I processed these images.  Hmmmm, I took a few minutes to try and add one and well ... it just didn't work, and I'm out of time.  So it goes. :)

(I took these photos Sunday night at our county fair when my daughter was wearing her new sunglasses.  I thought she looked a bit like Janis Joplin.)

Have a great week!


  1. I love the photos and I love seeing your reflection with your camera in the sunglasses. Very cool shots. I'm also loving your quote....So true!!!
    I wanted you to know that your header photo with all of the old coffee pots was what inspired me to find some for my cabinets. I only have three but you know I will be buying more when I can find them!

  2. Amazing shots Jill! I so love reflections! Maybe your texture layer is the reflection? And your personal saying is so perfect .... And true!

  3. I love the photos....I would love to take great photos....and so I am working on it. The whole techology thing gets to me.

  4. Great photos, and the words you've included are so true.

  5. Texture or not, these photos are incredible. Love the reflections and the sepia color.

  6. Super shots...Love your eye for detail ... I always feel "heART" in what you share with us!

  7. Beautiful shots especially in the Sepia. They are amazing.

  8. how completely LOVELY... always beautiful....

    xxo, kim


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