Pleasant Surprises

These past weeks have been full of very unpleasant surprises, but now life is settling back down, people are healing, and I thought I'd share a couple of pleasant surprises with you.  I thank all of you for the prayers!!!

I have these yellow flowers that grow like crazy in my sand.  They are like daisies and are pretty as long as you cut them as soon as they open otherwise they get scraggly looking (ugly).  The other day my little girls brought me some in with stems crushed in their little hands of course.  Well, I stuck them in a vase and they died and dried up within the day.  The surprise?  They looked awesome dried!!!  So I went out and gathered more quickly to hang to dry.  I will now cut bunches of them for dried bouquets!

Surprise number 2.  There was  a HUGE auction in town on THE best junk last Sunday.  I was unable to go because of my husband being in the hospital and because of other family obligations.  I went down on Sat. and left a couple of bids.  I did get a few things I left bids on.  When I went to pay and pick them up, I asked to see the "no bid" pile.  Well, I found a nice stash of treasures for 50 cents!  Among my treasures were two rag balls of brown suiting.  I snipped a piece to tie up my flowers.  Rag balls?  No bid?  Really?  Silly people.

I'm hooking up with Kim from the Cafe today for texture Tuesday and the challenge was "3"  This is weak, I know, but I made a triptych (three pictures) to tie in.  That works, right? I used two layers of Kim's textures, "hello" and "brushed linen".

I wish I have having Tea today with Kimmie of Art in Red Wagons but I am seriously behind here and no picture for tea.  

Off to do some weeding while the sun is under the clouds!


  1. isn't that loverly?
    wouldn't it be.......


    How is hub's foot?

  2. what lovely texture work! I love those flowers....but never think of drying whatever flowers I have hanging around for some reason! You've inspired me...

  3. Tea or no tea it's always fun to stop by :)

    I wanted to tell you about a find of my own ... I thought of you as my daughter and I were hoisting it (the find) into the back of my little Toyota yesterday :)

    It was a coffee table at the side of the road - worse for the wear and consequently up for grabs but sturdy and a cute shape. I spray painted it black and sanded the edges to reveal the wood color .... Super cute :)

    I would have passed it by months ago ... Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. I love the flowers!!! I pulled some sunflower heads yesterday out of a field... I'm going to attempt to dry them. LOL

    ;-D robelyn

  5. But - most importantly - I'm glad that everyone is back on the mend!!!!!!

    You and your family are always in my prayers!

    ;-D robelyn

  6. Oh Jill I do hope all is on the mend for the family. You know I always love pics of the tank gardens so forget the weeding and take the camera out instead!! take care! Kim

  7. so glad to see your post - and glad all is on the mend...I worried when things were silent over here...and you're right - who leaves rag balls behind?!
    love your photos

  8. I love your triptych, and the rag is the perfect finish for the flowers.

  9. You don't need tea when I stop by. Coffee will do nicely (grin). Have an awesome rest of the day.

  10. looks three times as lovely to special to discover (so sweetly) that the flowers are super dried too...those rag balls were waiting for a very good home!

    happy things are looking up again...enjoy these summer days dear Jill!

  11. Love your triptych, so nice!

  12. I think the "3" work together. Great auction gleaning! Some of the best stuff gets left behind (and you were there to get it!)

    So glad to hear that your husband is better, and that you're "back". I missed seeing new posts. I haven't been very prolofic myself.

  13. LOVE the triptyk (don't remember how to spell it....) What a wonderful idea. And the dried flowers! Beautiful. Hope your family mending continues....


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