"Yook" Before You Miss It!!

Leah is having a big blog party week celebrating her birthday--***interruption to my blog post--my 3 y/o just ran up, saw the computer, and said, "Yook, we have that at Grandma's house!" Ok, she said, "Look...." but it almost sounded like 'yook' .  We had Leepin' Letters as kids and it's still at my Mom's***
You can buy Leah's greeting card here.  How fun is that?!

But, even more fun, will be her party that's she's celebrating over here!

She's a Nebraskan!  and just lives "down the road a spell" from me.  "What is she giving away?" you ask. Well, that's to be determined.  Today, a cookbook plus surprises.  Keep checking back to her party to see what she comes up with for the rest of the week!
BTW, that magnet is found here in her Etsy shop.

Go! it's sure to be a R.A.R.P  (Rock And Rollin' Party)!!!


  1. LOL I love it!!! I'm going to go visit right now!!! Thank You!

    Happy Monday!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  2. The quote on that button made me laugh. I grew up in eastern Colorado and also lived in western Kansas. The same can be said for the wind in those places. Down here in Arkansas we got worried the first time we heard about a "tropical storm force winds" advisory - until we realized it was just a "normal" day in KS or CO.


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