"Junk"le Bells in March

It's the last week of March and time for "Junk"le Bells!

Here once again was my starting point--vintage bottle caps.  I found some 1" Christmas images on Etsy from Xander Graphics  and from Gypsy Woman.   I really wanted to use my own paper ephemera, but thought I'd get a better variety by purchasing some digital images.  This is the first time I've ordered digital images and I have to say I love the potential.  I can re-size and print as many pictures as I want.  I really like the last part...so if I mess up....I'm not out the image!

I made bottle cap garland!
I used a hammer and a nail to punch a hole on either side of the cap, made jump rings out of  wire and glued in an image.

I had a couple of problems....one, being how do you photograph garland without a tree?!

Hang it on the porch? No

Drape it around a pole? No

Lay it on the floor? No

Shoot it with the sun behind you? No

Around a bird cage? No

Well, everything looks better in a jar....

Maybe not...so without a tree, I don't think it looks so great, but honestly, in person, the garland really looks good!

What I learned:
~There is a plastic coating inside the bottle cap, you have to rough it up first or nothing will stick to it.  (I still have to fix some of them!)
~Glue the image in first, then punch the holes, then add the jump rings.  I punched the holes, attached the jump rings, then added the images and I had to bend and trim to get them to fit.  Uhg.
~If you have a 1" hole punch, this project will fly--I don't have one. :(

Now, join me with your up-cycled/recycled junk ornament project!
You can post pictures here in Flikr if you don't have a blog, or link up below with your blog post.


  1. Oh, couldn't wait to see what you did with them and I love them....I use an awl to make my holes...have more control than a nail(clumsy hands). You did good!!!

  2. love it jill.......i may just have to root thru my stash...i think i have a box of bottle caps...and make me a garland !!! too cute !!

  3. Very cool, reminds me of the &0's beads hanging in doorways! I did a garland too for JUNKLE BELLS!

  4. That is going to look fabulous on the tree! Looks like you need an artificial tree to leave up year round!

  5. beautiful! i love it! i think you should make a couple more and sell them on etsy. yes. that'd be good.

    yeah, i *finally* was able to play along.

  6. Bottle caps as photo frames, genius! Thanks for posting, I'm going to go all out with this idea ;)

  7. LOVE this garland...And is a great project to work on through the year, because I never seem to have time for all the homemade touches that I have in mind! Lezlee

  8. JILL of Junkle Bells, I knew I had your name wrong, but when I went back to add your button & change it, I gotta' a call... and got sidetracked, but their are a bunch of Sue's on here, sorry! LOve, Lezlee

  9. OH MY GOSH!!! I love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would drape it over my kitchen window all year long!!! Jill - that is so awesome and I am just in awe of your creativity!!!

    ;-) Merry Christmas? LOL

  10. Really great idea, and I love them no matter where you have them. I admire your creativity and out of the box thinking!
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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