Trip Down Memory Lane

I have four projector screens.  Yes, four.  They sell for .25 at auctions and would be "no bids" if I wasn't there.  I can't leave them.  I don't know what I'll do with them, but they are simply wonderful.  Then it hit me, why not use one as, well, as intended?!  There's an idea!
I borrowed Mom's very old slide projector and her slides of my family growing up.  I've only gotten through a few of them so far, but I'm loving it.

I wish you could hear the hum of the fan and smell of the warm metal.  Viewing images from long ago,  so very nostalgic and certainly a gift.
Here is my Mom in 1961,  (Before I was born) and today, is her birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

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  1. Old projectors are very cool! I love the sound the fan makes too. So comforting and reminiscent of "the good old days."

  2. What sweet memories!! Wishing your mother a very Happy Birthday!!

  3. Don't you love an auction? How many memories do you think are sold there? Good thing folks like us come along and claim them as our own! Great shot of your mom!

    PS You can also scan your slides into your computer.

  4. love that photo of your momma. love that style. mmmhmmmm, i love old photos. and projectors. and you for a lovely post!

  5. Oh - I'm a day late!!! BUT!!! My Birthday wishes are still being projected towards your mother...heehee

    Jill - that is fantastic!!! I won't confess to how many times I napped to the whir and crackle of one of those... haHA!

    So fun - I like trips like this!!! Again - I hope your Mom had a wonderful birthday!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  6. The best show on earth....we have a tape that Dads family took as they watched the slide show...oh the comments they added to the slides..priceless

  7. I so got that smell up ther in my memory great would that reflective material be for a clutch??? Flower petals ov old film maybe???? take it from there!!!!

    I got your bags collected and hope to get them in the mail this weekend... all ready got the line of questioning from dear sweet hubby, bags??????

    Joy............always......can you tell I am feeling better???? :)

  8. Jill, what a precious picture of your Mother, Happy Birthday to her...

    LOL, we sometimes forget that we can use our junk finds for the intended purpose...

    Keep On Junking

  9. Sweet post, Happy Late BDay to your mom! I love screens too. If I could paint on them I would, but maybe something decoupaged on them, like copies of old family pictures or sign for booth... Lezlee

  10. Great post. I have several of the screens, too, just because no one seems to want them. Growing up, we spent many family nights viewing slides and eating popcorn. Maybe it IS time to bring it back. Thanks.


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