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She said Paisley-----Paisley?!  Paisley?!  "I don't have anything Paisley", I thought. "I won't be going anywhere to even stumble upon Paisley".  Now, say Paisley at least four more times and you'll either begin hating the word, loving the word, or begin to wonder if it's even a word at all.  Try it. Paisley, Paisley, Paisley, Paisley.....


In my stash of vintage ties, in my very large stash of vintage ties, there was one lonely, but lovely paisley tie.


There it is, pushing it's way forward in front of the other wonderful ties.


I think I would like to have sheets out of this beautiful paisley pattern or a silky blouse to wear under a blazer, but that's not to I will enjoy my one and only piece of Paisley just hanging in my sewing room.  
Please go and check out Leah's blog where she is hosting this Pattern Party and see how she is sporting her Paisley!!


  1. Great tie! I completely forgot about checking my husband's closet... I know he's got paisley in there!

  2. i LOVE that tie! i would love a pillow case or two out of that beauty! so paisley is not only for *old ladies* like me, but also GQ men! who knew?

    thanks for coming to my party, Jill!

  3. If I had to post about paisley, his name would be Brad! He's my favorite country music man! I like the tie, too, but am intrigued by the one behind and to the left. It looks like fishing ties (lures).

    Happy day!

  4. Jill - the photos are gorgeous!!! I love ALL of the color combos!!! And your ties... heehee

    Have a great week-end!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  5. Love Paisley, manly, yet mysterious! LOL. I think it adds a great dimension to a darker palatte. Men's ties are great! I knew Robelyn would love it!


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