Shed Sale South of Seward

I shopped at the Shed Sale south of Seward on the 4th this past weekend. Thanks to Rachel for pointing me to this fun event. (Speaking of Rachel-go enter her weekly contest for a necklace!)

I really went to see what it was about and decide if I would like to be a vendor there in Sept. for the fall sale. This funky gal wasn't for sale. Bummer.

This was another display that people were gathering around with chuckles. There were two different acreages to check out with lots of great items. Wish I could have gone Sunday for "Deal Day" but wasn't to be. I do think I want to be a vendor here in Sept. if it works out. Everyone working the sale were having a great time! If you like old things junky or otherwise you would have found something here.

OK I couldn't just check it out---a few things had my name on them. This is a bucket of what???? Canon balls? I'm not sure but I honestly could not lift it. I had to load about 8 of them out of it first before I could lift the rest in the bucked into my vehicle. Of course my son lifted it out of the suburban because I challenged him. Should have seen his face when he moved it.

Here's just one of them. There are different sizes in the bucket. Somehow, some of these will be in my garden. Any ideas how to use them anyone? All I know is I love the rust and shape and heft.

More for the garden. It's a little drinking fountain! How neat will that be?

I can't believe this was still there on the second day of the sale for the price it was.

Love the colors on these. If you look closely you can see the black was actually a face painted on the left one. I didn't see that until I got in the house. There's a faint face left on the right one too. (other side) I suppose the finials were repainted as project but when? Long enough ago to wear off. I don't really care ,the wear and oddity is great.

I will buy every maniquin piece I ever find if the price is right. Which never happens! But it did Sat!!!! Creeps my kids out. Which makes it all the better.


  1. LOL I love it all!!! The cannon balls? are so so GREAT!

    I am on the hunt for mannequin hands and arms to screw into my doors that i use for display, so i understand the mannequin parts! LOL

    Great haul - looks like you had lots of fun! :-)

  2. WOW! you did great! I went back on Sunday for deal day and bought some stuff that I had no business buying {like an old cobblers bench} - I will definitely come see you in September at the Shed sale!
    PS - thanks for the plug!!

  3. love it. great finds indeed. love the foot. rachel gave me a heads up to uh, er...get my tail out there....on sunday evening. and that i did. that i did my friends. and one lady loaded me down with free stuff.

  4. your obsession with fake appendages is creepy, yet oddly comical.

  5. I think the "cannon balls" are large wheel barrings perhaps or barrings for some other type of something.

    It looks like so much fun wish I were there.


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