Paint Samples--Don't You Love Them?

Will is painting his room. He's pulled off the wallpaper and is getting it ready to texture and paint. Mind you this has been a SLOW process over the past weeks. He's doing it himself. Because I'm still stashing away and listing items from my last auctions. Good riddens to the wallpaper. Still don't know how or why I picked a rather southwestern design for our farmhouse style home?!

We picked up paint samples today. How how I love these. The pamphlets show such wonderful combinations. I think each one is my favorite until I look at the next one. The Streamlined years (1930s)are definitely my favorite.

Until I come to the Arts and Crafts Years (1900s)

I'm telling you I look at them and think if only I could repaint our house.---Then I remember---WAIT- I did pick out the color when we built it 13 years ago. Our house is White AND I'd do it again. I love a plain white house. Specifically a plain white farmhouse which is what we have. (Even though we don't technically live on a farm but an acreage.)
I'm not sure what Will is going to end up with but hopefully the job will be done before he starts school again in August!

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  1. LOL Paint samples are the root of all evil. I re-paint tooooooo often because of paint samples. haha! They are also fun to cut up and play with after you have re-painted...unless you are planning the paint job for next month! LOL


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