Back From Vacation

We took a short but fun trip to Chicago last week. All of us. In the waaaaayyyy back of my mind I knew that Janelle a.k.a The Farmer's Wife was having a sale. I had come across her blog through the Junk Revolution site. I only knew she lived in Iowa but no idea where. I had thought, "Wouldn't it be neat if....."

To make a long story not as long----I used my daughter's "smart phone" to use the internet to find Janelle's blog and her address. (LOVE this technology!) Just so happened that she is located just about 4 miles or so from a big outlet mall along I80 that Bonnie and Lauren were hoping to stop at and get a little shopping in on the way home from Chicago. We dropped the two older girls off along with Claire to shop and Randy and the other kids and I went to find Janelle's sale. Didn't take long. She was surprised! Audrey and Nora hopped out and started playing with her 5 year old son within minutes. When we got in the suburban to leave, Audrey wanted to go back to give him a hug. Wasn't sure what he would think of that so I convinced her waving would be good enough.

It was so fun to meet a fellow junk lover and I came home with a few great things to "sit around my house"! She had such a neat shed set up for her sale and she will be a vendor at the Junk Bonanza in Sept. I would love to do that!

Back to Chicago--we really had a great time. It's so fun to be in a big city. Fun to leave it after a few days too!


  1. Oh!!! I wish Texas was on the way home from your vacation! LOL I want to meet you!!! The next big sale I have, I'm going to put it on your map! LOL

    Have a wonderful week!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  2. Hi Jill just stopping by to say thanks for entering my give away. I was perusing your blog quickly when I caught the name The Farmer's Wife" which is the unofficial name of my gift shop....confuses people to much so I don't use it anymore. I'll be back later....have to get ready for my little trip! Love your blog.
    See a again soon oh and good luck!


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