4-H Project

My son made this parade puppet for the Theatre Arts Project in 4-H. Our fair is this week.

He actually wants to also enter it in the fair's parade on Sun. It will take 3 people to operate him and one to carry the sign that says "Theatre Arts- 4-H".

His name is "Orson". His hands are kind of small but the cool thing is, he was made with all supplies we had on hand. Maybe it does pay sometimes to buy every cheap possible craft item you find at garage sales and auctions.

Claire was a baking fool today too for 4-H: muffins, cookies, and snack mix. Now, if we can get everything safely there tomorrow, we''ll be in good shape.


  1. i never did fair when i was growing up...it amazes me now though, watching the kids i know prep for fair...

    GOOD LUCK kiddos!

  2. Oh, I always loved the county fair. I was a 10+ year 4-H member. I would love to get my kids involved in 4-H sometime. We just don't live in a real great place for it. Waiting right now to hear if my hubby gets a job in Nebraska. Would appreciate prayers on our behalf.

  3. What a cool puppet! It's wonderful that your kids are getting so involved in 4H. I LOVE going to our community's fair.


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