Spray Paint Bandwagon

Since garage sales aren't in full swing yet, and I'm going to miss the next auction in town, AND since my little gals are a little easier to take out---we've been to the nearby thrift store a couple of times lately. Not something I've done a lot before. I've found some great items although a little higher priced than garage sales and auctions. I guess I consider it a donation since they are all charitable thrift stores!
The above is a great magazine rack/ashtray holder. I had removed the ashtray to clean it up.

I love this clock but really didn't dig the country blue. I think there should be wire "steam" coming out of the top, but it was missing.

I've been seeing some awesome transformations with spray paint all over the blog world. And even though I've certainly used spray paint a few times I usually don't think, "Hey, I'll just paint it!" when I see something that need spiffing. Well, now I'm jumping on the spray painting bandwagon. I'll show you the final product soon--I hope--if I can get back out tomorrow to finish. And if they don't turn out like I plan---well---the whole idea will just disappear into the blogosphere!


  1. love that clock. and the ashtray/magazine rack/kitchen sink/riding lawnmower thing.

    i. love. spray paint.

  2. Can't wait to see your transformations. I've been spray painting this week also. In fact, I need to go move my projects onto the porch because it is getting windy and clouding up.

  3. LOL, you sound like my grandmother when she got a hold of gold spray paint, and there were quite the items painted in gold. Then there was the red era. Love those items the best. Of course, I have some of those in my treasury now. Hmmmm. I'll get a shot of a bell with funny story behind it. Check my blog in a day or so.


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