April Showers

It's raining a beautiful, gentle rain today.

These are passion flowers just errupting. (I believe Pasque Flowers is the more formal name.) Some years they bloom at Easter and they are purple~~hence the name. I really like them. They have a neat fuzzy seed head after they're done blooming.

An overhang of cedars over part of the garden. The sound of the water dripping off was somewhat serene. I wish you could take photos of sounds.

Not the best picture, but a blooming bush of some kind?!

Ahh...a fresh tilled garden just waiting.

My garden clogs...I love these to just slip on to get wet and muddy when you need to run out on a day like this.

Here's to May Flowers!


  1. great photos. yes, it was rainy and quite and beautiful this morning. it was glorious. the sun is out now!

  2. Hi Jill,
    I'm kind of collecting answers to the question: why a pciture of your feet on your blog?
    If you get a chance, would you please leave a comment on my blog?
    Thanks & happy days,
    your photos are lovely.

  3. thanks, Jill, for your comment. i am loving all the answers to this question.

  4. I love the photos, very inspiring.


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