Easter is Coming Cloche

I found these cloches on sale at a gift shop recently. These are vintage Easter postcards I made copies of and then stitched around them with metallic thread. I took a part of the card I cropped off to make the little folded stand for them.

I've seen recently where someone made vintage cloches from old light globes and old knobs--really neat. As soon as I make one; I'll share it and the site.

Poor little chick is out of focus.

I made these eggs from a pattern I found on Whip Up . The pattern was contributed by Retro Mama. If you like any kind of crafting you need to check out Whip Up--there is some talent out there. I've only skimmed a few posts, and need to go back.

The fabric for these eggs came from one of my sweetest garage sale finds. It was a big bag--I mean BIG bag of vintage scraps of fabric for $1. I've been using the scraps for little scrappy projects and with how slow I am at getting to get projects done, this bag is going to keep me happy for a loooong time. There were even pieces of dresden plate quilt patterns and sunbonnet sue patterns in it. Not reproduction fabrics either--these were the real thing!

More cloches usually sitting empty waiting for me to fill-- I love my Easter nests. Thanks Retro Mama!!

BTW-the eggs are somewhat easy to make but you really need to be exact in sewing them. With scraps, like I used, you don't really know where the bias of the fabric is and some of mine wanted to distort. Ahem--they aren't so perfect. Oh, well!


  1. These are great! Is there anything you can not do???

  2. oh I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who has a problem focusing on one craft! ::smiles::

    lovely eggs, they are too adorable!

  3. I think imperfection is...perfect! The eggs are soooo cute. Love all your holiday decor:)


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