New Collection

I have a new collection--zippers--not just any zippers however. These were painstakenly taken out of old clothing by a woman oh so many years ago. She probably would laugh that now her frugalness has a name and is not only good for the world but fashionable--Now we call it going "Green". I wonder what she would have called it?

These and the clothespins behind came from an auction on Sunday. One I didn't even go to! I left bids for the first time at an auction because we had a First Communion to go to out of town. The clerk with the auction house very graciously took my $.50,$1.00, and $2.00 bids. I did leave one bid for $10. When we got home there was a message on the machine that they had some "goodies" for me. OH MY GOODNESS--we came home with the suburban FULL. After I got there I asked if I could see all the items that were no bids and that's what really topped it all off. I gave them $.25 for items or piles. Then she said take whatever else you want for free. Yes, I did take more. (The yellow crock in the first picture was free.) This actually may be a sickness, but gosh it was fun going through all the boxes.

AND, the zippers...These are all listed here in my Etsy shop. There are more zippers from the auction that are new. Anyone know any good project with zippers? I've seen pouches made exclusively from zippers, but would love to hear any other ideas!


  1. Ooooh, those zippers are fun! I love reading auction stories because I grew up going to auctions. My dad is an auctioneer and I was clerking his auctions when I was still in elementary school. I don't get home to Colorado very often, but when I do I love to go to the auction barn and sort through the "leftovers." Good stuff!

  2. Jill - where did you get the jars?! I love them!!

  3. I've had the jars for a long time in a box in the store room. I use these jars all over holding buttons, spools, etc.

  4. Awesome finds at the auction!! I love zippers..... a cool use for zippers -- check out junkcandy's "ribbon"
    I've been collecting zippers ever since I saw her post!

  5. I too, know this sickness. Auctions....great stuff!


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