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Lemon Grass:  I think it's really cool and I'm not entirely sure why.  It's sharp and sticky so you need to be careful handling it.  But it smells great! I've had it in my head that I want to try weaving or doing something with it.  Today, I made this little heart.

To go in a little arrangement.

I have recently been so inspired by Christine de Beer.  Her site is chock full of tutorials and inspiration for flower arrangements!  She really helps a person think on a broader scale!

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen that the girls and I went to the farm to glean wheat from their one wheat field yesterday.  While we were there we also foraged some Equisetum or Horsetail Grass.  I discovered this grass last year and a friend let me dig some from her place.  Mine is growing, but I don't want to cut and use it yet as there are only 8 or so sprigs.  My husband told me he had seen some at the farm. It had been sprayed so the tops were dying.  I decided to just cut off the tops. :) 

This grass is so so so cool!  I made some bundles of it not really knowing what I wanted to do with it.  Then the idea came to use it as an armature so to speak.  I'm sure that inspiration came from Christine de Beer's work. She also inspired this arrangement I posted on Instagram.

I put a small vial in the middle of the grass stalks to hold water.  Christine used small balloons as little vases in one of her creations!

I chose Dill and Feverfew for my flowers.

The base is a simple vintage plate.

This was so fun to make.  I have had the tables and counters full of flowers from the garden now for weeks and this was fun to go a different route with the design.

I have some grass in a jar of water because I read that you can root it and  I'd like to plant a bigger patch of it. I've read it can be invasive though so I'll have to be careful.  I'm going to let this bundle dry, I'm pretty sure it should hold up.  I have one more bunch of grass and a lot of wheat yet, not sure what I'l do with it all.  I have ideas of a wreath and maybe bundles of it.

The last two days have been such beautiful weather here, I hope it is for you too!


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    1. I'm still not getting emails from comments. The best thing about the Internet is sharing great ideas!

  2. What a creative flower/plant arrangement. You've inspired me. And I'm now following you on Instagram!

    1. I've really enjoyed Instagram, so happy to find you there!


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