Garden Post Part 2

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The tub from the other side.  On the other side of this Cockscomb, is a pumpkin vine of some sort.  Like I said in the last post, trials and errors.  I transplanted a "Pumpkin on a Stick" flower in here and as it grew, it became clear that it is not like the other Pumpkin on a Stick flowers that I have.  So I'll watch and see if it produces something.  I should just pull it out and give the wave petunias in there room to grow, but I'm curious.

Cardinal vine.  So many volunteered that I transplanted them around.  I was thrilled to have them.

Last year, the washing machine tub sat empty, but I got it filled this year.  Coleus.  

If you look closely, there is a wire cross above the wire vine pot there in the middle.  I have moved that cross around everywhere in the garden.  It gets lost visually.  The hope was that the wire vine would crawl up it, but that doesn't seem to be happening as the vine is really slow growing.

I'm still looking for a place to mount that mailbox name plate I came across.  For now, it sits crookedly in my sink.

Hens and Chicks in bricks.  I bought them years ago in one brick at a garage sale and over time, I added more bricks.  slow growing for sure, but fun to watch none the less.

A late planted coleus and snap dragons waiting for cooler weather to bloom again.  There are also late to pop up Chinese Lantern Plants in there I planted from seed.  I don't think they were getting enough light, but Randy and I remedied that. :) Maybe they'll bloom this year?  I don't think so I'm afraid.

The cardinal vine is just beginning to get blooming!  These all volunteered back. ♥

Another Scarlet Runner Bean that also wasn't getting enough sun as the blooms are scarce yet.

A favorite spot.

I have no idea what that succulent is called there planted in the cinder block in the bottom of the photo. (The block that you can no longer see.)  I've planted the same thing a few years and I really like it there.

The flower spikes continue to grow and flower from the end, just like Cleome does.  I think there is term for this, anyone know it? Neat flower I think.

There has been one bloom on this Corkscrew Vine!  It is lavender in color and if you peer closely you may see it. It smells sweet too.  Hopefully, more soon!

Small little details like this vine meandering behind the window make me so happy.

I haven't had the greatest success with Dianthus so these pots are a little wanting.  Plus I've been cutting out the Dusty Miller for flower arrangements.


The really big plant in my herb tank is Sweet Annie that I've posted about on Instagram.  New to me this year.  It smells like Juicyfruit gum.  I understand that it's used for dried arrangements so that's my plan for this fall.  I have more in the cutting garden and will probably not put it here again next year.  It's a little out of scale here, ha! 

Bee Balm...another favorite this year.  I think it's quite wonderful and it's in one of the herb pots.

The Salvia has been great this year too.


The Sunflowers in the cutting garden are doing well!

This little guy was dangling from the thinnest string of web from the tree.  Later he disappeared after his little photo shoot.

This morning I found a caterpillar on one of the milkweeds.  Hopefully, it's a monarch!  


  1. What a calming retreat! You've created such a magical space - it surely calls to you no matter where you might be. Thank you for this tour of your garden. I'm now an old arm chair gardener, taking delight in yours. God bless you and your green thumb!

  2. Enchanting Jill. Girl, you have SKILLS !!!!!

  3. Jill, I absolutely adore your "tank" garden! I have never heard of such before and I think I know why you call it that. If I were a green thumb, I would want something just like this...such whimsy and fun! And the flowers and! It is gorgeous! Perhaps I could come and sketch there...? :))

  4. Oh so late to the tank garden...never fear I am slow but you know I love your tank garden!


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