Another Month Slipped By


It's been a full, but great month!  Our fourth daughter graduated and with that were all the end of the year activities that go along with May.  Plus, there was moving our son into another apartment and other family events.  We also were able to meet another great niece and I took a few pictures of her.

I thought I'd post a few of them here. 

The most incredible light was filtering in through the nursery window and I saw an opportunity for beautiful silhouettes!

A little tiny baby yawn.  So sweet!

She is a beautiful baby.

They have a clothesline in their backyard so I seized that opportunity for a fun photo!  Pretty sure they are dryer people like me and her little clothes won't hang out there regularly.  I'd like to have a clothesline. I keep looking for poles and I know where there is a set, but haven't asked about them yet. But truthfully, I'd only use it for photos!

I hope to be back here before another month goes by.  Our youngest daughter will be having surgery next week to remove a cyst from one of her kidneys.  They anticipate her needing to spend one to two nights in the hospital.  I will be really happy when we are on the other side of that surgery and back home.  There isn't a concern about it being anything serious, but it needs to be removed to prevent infections and stones in the future. She's nervous about it as you can imagine. 

  I hope you have a nice Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Already sent up a prayer for your daughter <3 Lovely post and photographs. Life is more important than posting. Wish more folks understood that-some are tweeting, posting,FB'ing their lives away. Good to see you whenever.

    1. Thanks Suzan! I just saw this comment now as I wasn't getting them in email. She's doing great!

  2. Such sweet baby photos. The love is so evident. I prayed that your daughter's surgery will go well. The dread of waiting is often the worst, I find.

    1. Thank you Lorrie. Apparently I wasn't getting the comments in my email either. The dread is awful and now it's behind us and she is doing just great!

  3. These are gorgeous pictures, Jill! The blessed couple will love them and should frame them! The baby is precious!

    You have a lot going on with your children. I hope your daughter is doing well since the surgery.


  4. Happy Graduation to your daughter. Prayers for settled nerves around the surgery and recovery. I have a clothesline that I do use. Maybe not as much as I use to, but still there is nothing like outside air dried clothes.

  5. That baby yawn is very contagious!! I remember that we took pictures like that when our daughter was a baby, and my husband still yawns when he sees them!
    I love to use my clothesline - I grew up with line drying and I have kept to it even after moving to the US. My husband built one in our backyard and I use it all the time - for laundry as well as for photos! That is such a wonderful shot.


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