Bicycles at 106 Vintage

What is it about bicycles?  So many people just love them including me!

I rode mine quite a bit as a kid into town, but I wasn't especially fond of the bike itself. In fact I thought it was the ugliest brown I'd seen. I had bought it sight unseen from someone who had won it.  It was a 10 speed and I longed for a 10 speed.  The price was great since they had won it.  When my Dad brought it home after I'd paid for heart sank. I never thought to ask the details because I knew what 10 speeds looked like. Of course my Dad never thought to tell me the details because he knew what bikes looked like and this was a bike.  I had pictured the curved handle bars known then as "boys handle bars" on a bright and sleek looking 10 speed bike.  The one Dad brought to me was brown (really? they make brown bikes?! 12 year old Jill thought) with "girl" handle bars (they make 10 speeds with lame handle bars?!)

So it goes.  Ride it or walk; I was out my money either way.

I've been to visit Cammie at 106 Vintage again in Coleridge, Nebraska and loved her big window display!

I edited them the way my mind sees them... seeing the shapes and the nostalgia...

I remember learning to ride on my big sister's white bike.

Do you have bicycle memories?  Good or bad?

You'll find bikes in my tank garden, but one is almost completely obscured now by a honey suckle vine.

You can find pictures from our last visit to 106  Vintage here.  I'll be posting more pictures from our recent visit next week.  Cammie has the best displays!  So much to admire!!



  1. Thank you for the bike memories. I remember having a yellow bike with a banana seat, a blue bike and the loveliest green bike.

  2. I had a blue 10 speed Raleigh for years...and I'm sad that I don't still have it!


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