A Short Break From Graduation Prep

We celebrated our oldest granddaughter's 6th birthday on Sunday.  I want to keep in practice so filmed just enough to put together a little film, but not too much that it would take me forever to sift through, because there "is stuff to get done"! I'm not much of a list maker any longer, but I foresee lists made in this next month.

It felt good to go back into this software and remember what I've learned so far. Mostly.  Had to "relearn" a little.  Just a few weeks away from a new skill and you can lose it.

RORY'S BIRTHDAY from Jill Ruskamp on Vimeo.

I'm also trying to remember what I've learned from watching our older home movies that I've mentioned on here before, to film the adults and the others who are present at whatever event I am taping. The whole room is part of the story.

The sun is shining here today!!


  1. Yes, everyone present is definitely part of the story. I admire you challenging yourself with movies. Such a sweet birthday party.

  2. That Bridget is going to be a fun one to film over the years. The background scenes are just as fun as the main subject, making it so worth while to get the wide angle shot.


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