A Few Flowers

A lot of the annuals are just getting going out in the garden.  I planted so many seeds this year and maybe about 50% of them have taken off.  Not the best success, but I do think I'll have quite a few to enjoy. 

Time slipped away from posting here as we went on a full seven day vacation.  That's the longest we've been gone and everyone was still talking to each other when we got home!  It's been years since I've been to the Black Hills and wow, I almost forgot how beautiful it is out there! We stayed in a beautiful cabin and hiked and took in so much history at different sites. 

Now, we've been doing a little bit of this and that of summer time activities.  Our son is home also helping out with some really big projects that needed doing, so hopefully our summer will prove to be productive for the project list.  (And, there is a list!  I'm not a list maker anymore, but my son has a big one going for us, so I'm trying it again!)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I love a nice bouquet of garden flowers, Jill...so pretty.

    It sounds like a wonderful vacation. I like the idea of hiking but I've never actually done it!!

    Welcome home!

    Jane x

  2. Beautiful flower arrangement.

  3. Such a pretty bouquet, Jill. Coming home after a good vacation is so satisfying.

  4. My flowers are fried so I'll just enjoy looking at yours. : (

    I have not had a real vacation in over 10 years. But yours reminded me of mine with my folks many moons ago.

  5. We have always enjoyed our vacations out that way. A week is a must to go away.


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