Tank Garden 2016

I've been hitting the gardening pretty hard this spring, if only the weeds would honor my work and stay away!  As soon as I turn around, there they are. 

I'm waiting for the Tank Garden to fill in to take a big overall picture, but here are pictures of some new additions this year. 

I'm pretty excited about this sink turned planter.  A rusty old cream can works perfectly for a base.  I drilled holes in the bottom of the can so the sink drains into it and out again.  I want to add something to the "mirror", any suggestions??

It's already pretty and it's just getting started.  I don't remember the plant in the middle's name. It doesn't flower, but has really pretty green and purple edged leaves.

And, then there is this wind chime I made a couple months ago.  It doesn't make the sound I'd hoped for so I'm trying again with some other sticks.  

I do like the movement of it though and that is just as important.

I used my wood burning tool to make the letters. (The letters screw on to the wood burner.)

More wood burning!  I made this tic tac toe grid 5 years ago when I saw the idea online, but I never came up with the Xs and Os.   I think the cement blocks were 10 cents each on clearance.

Then it occurred to me the other day that I could use a branch and wood burn them.  Well, I had branches of this cedar tree already dried and in the barn so I used that and that's why there is the red center.  Distracting in a way, but really kind of neat too. 

I don't know how long the bark will stay on, but it's neat for now!

Now, the girls will play with it, but at this age it won't entertain them too long.  However, in that 5 years, I've had two granddaughters added to our family...and a THIRD GRANDDAUGHTER IS ON THE WAY!!! There will be someone to play with it!

I'll take better pictures of this new addition when the sun isn't glaring so brightly and the plants fill in.  It's a great old tin bath tub!!

I dug out a bush and replaced it with this spool-turned-table and thought I'd give a succulent tray a try this year.

I scrounged rocks from our lane to fill it in.  I'm really liking this and will try to not over water it.

I grabbed this bucket when everything was planted so I pulled some volunteer "Love in the Mist" plants to put in it. I should have more flowers coming up from seeds in about a month to transplant in here later.  Nice rust, huh?!

The honeysuckle vine continues to thrive in this space too.  It smells sooooo sweet right now.

For more tank garden pictures from years past, click here.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. All I can say is... I love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!

  2. You have so many cool ideas. The sink planter is so awesome. I have chimes everywhere, this is very crafty. It looks like something we'd see in the artisan shops in Tennessee where we visited last fall.

  3. its all lookin' good! I'm trying a few succulents too...but I don't know if they will survive!

  4. I want wind chimes for my birthday, the ones with a deep low ring. Love how you made yours.

  5. You know I love your tank garden! How about an old hand mirror hanging from the frame...it would move and sparkle light around....our really go for it and put some screen behind it and plant more succulents!! I will have to take some pictures of my new succulents...I might have gone a little batty and have lots now.....

  6. Wonderful sink garden with the perfect "pedestal" too.
    Love your rusty Nigella bucket...the blue ones are my favorite.
    Your tank garden is truly a delight in every detail Jill!
    Happy June and congrats on another sweet blessing on the way oxo


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