More Garden Pictures

You can certainly see why I went to a raised bed a.k.a tank garden here.  It's a barren sandy area!

The blooms are beginning and some early perennials are already done.

It really is a bit of a secret garden so to speak.

I've had this bike, just painted gray, for quite a few years.  I started to spiff it up with yellow spray paint which didn't cover well, so I broke out left over craft paint.  Don't look too close!  But, at least it's color!

Just a little vignette outside of the garden.  Overshoes, or as my grandparents called them, rubbers. These would actually still work well...however, I'm glad I have cute gardening clogs instead!

We've been doing swimming lessons, softball, and had a fun 4h tour on Monday.  Now we need to start hitting some 4h projects. 

I hope your summer is going well.


  1. Your garden is so full of wonderful personality! Love the bike!

  2. I love the idea of a tank garden though, good soil or not.


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