The Baby's Room

I thought you might like a look into our new granddaughter's nursery.  In previous posts, I've shown you around her sister's nursery in their old house and her sister's  "big girl" room in their "new to them" house. 

This is the view just outside the door.  The room is really big!

Now turning left...Lauren painted all the dots on the wall.  She made a stencil out of poster board to draw them all and then it took three coats of shiny gold paint to get good coverage.  This is all over a paneled wall that had been painted. Good thing that last trimester energy kicked in!

It's a great look.

Turning left is the changing table.

From further inside the room, you can get a better look.  She repurposed a buffet for the changing table.

Hanging above it are some prints, a wreath Lauren made and a watercolor painting by my second daughter, Bonnie. Lovely!

Vintage + New = Sweetness.

Now turning back we can see the new set of shelves my son in law built for this room too.

Isn't this just a great reading corner?

That is a very old cast iron scotty dog.  Maybe it was a doorstop in a previous life.  

And turning left from the reading nook, another corner for toys.

Now that door there opens to...

a big cedar lined closet!

And on the opposite wall of the toy area hangs a ballet barre.  This is just a thrifted, painted mirror and a stair rail mounted horizontally to make this neat space.  

I have some pictures of that sweet baby to share soon too.  I'm so looking forward to more cuddling time with her.

Thanks for coming along on the little tour!


  1. so very sweet. I adore that reading corner!

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Jill, you need to spend a weekend here and give me some pointers!

  3. What a beautiful room for a darling little one. It's a room to grow along with. Congratulations!

  4. It's beautiful! Brave decorators doing beautiful things!!!


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