So, I think you can guess where we went for a vacation!

We waited a really, really, long time...(partly in rain) for this...
it was impressive!
(if the GIF has stopped, you can click the picture to start it again)

I stepped back and caught my family illuminated by the fireworks!  You can see our rain ponchos, ha!  The little girls are in front of the older ones and my husband is on the right. 

We also saw Kennedy Space Center (LOVED it!) and went to the beach.  (LOVED that until the burns hit....arg! And, we thought we were being careful!)

I had to brush the cobwebs out of my brain to remember how to make a gif. :)  The "burst" mode on my Samsung Galaxy phone was great for taking the pictures.

Now, we are wrapping up 4h projects and looking for apartments for one of my daughters and my son.  Then we still have swimming lessons to get to...summer sure fills up and flies, doesn't it?!  

AND, our new granddaughter will be here in a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!!!


  1. Oh how nice to have such a fun getaway enjoyed by all (except for the sunburns = OUCH!)
    Time certainly does seem to be moving at warp speed these days.
    Happy July!

  2. Lots of lovely things to delight in this post. The fireworks gifs are so much fun!

  3. Definitely worth the wait for those fireworks. Love Disney!


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