Concrete Vases: Hidden Treasure

Good hot Wednesday to you!! The heat and humidity are ramping up here in Nebraska.

So I guess sitting inside for a bit to edit photos and post to my blog seems like a great idea.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this blog called Made by Barb.

She had this project which really got my attention, layered concrete jewel vases.

I knew I wanted to try it.  I also knew that mine would end up very different because so many factors come in to play.  I was hoping it could be a 4h project for the girls.  They did help, but Nora lost interest fast and the pouring the concrete in a very small space and arranging the broken pieces of glass became trickier that I thought it would be.  So Audrey mostly helped me mix the cement.

We made this first vase not really connecting the dots of how much concrete the container we had would need to fill it.  Almost the entire 20 pound bag of concrete was needed.  So....this thing is heavy.  But, wow....what a statement it makes!

I needed to go out for more propane for our grill so I could justify making a trip in to Menards just to buy more concrete.  Since the quarantine started we've made no extra trips for one item at all.  That's been pretty tricky for me who flies by the seat of my pants often.

So I had more concrete, but still needed a smaller container to go around the jar on the inside.  It just so happened that I had a nearly empty shortening container.  Perfect size. ♥

I left a residue of the shortening in it, to help the concrete release and interestingly, that gave the new vase a texture that I didn't expect.  Of course, truly, I had no idea what to expect with any of this, so it's all been a surprise and all new things learned.  I used broken bottles and china to go inside the concrete to be exposed just a bit.  Then chiseled away gently at a couple of spots to reveal more of the broken piece inside.  

Then the next thing we tried was a planter.   I still need to "plant" it and find a place for it outside. Maybe I'll bring it back inside if I can find a good way to catch the water under it.  

By this time, I realized that more pattern from the broken tea cups would be neat so tried to get them to show.

It's kind of like finding a hidden treasures or the half buried things we see when we explore old houses and places.

And, they are intriguing.

I pushed a cork into a terracotta pot then placed it into the bigger plastic container and then poured the concrete in. I was able to break out the cork easily and with just a bit of coercion (and a prayer!) I was able to get the terra cotta pot out without it breaking!  My husband suggested tapping it gently, and it worked. Whew. I wanted to keep the pot!

A "woodland" type of arrangement seemed so perfect for these two vases.  
Now I need to make room on a shelf that is about waste level to store these, ha! 

More cement projects are in the works (in my mind anyway)  
How neat would that be out in the Garden?!


  1. What a beautiful project - the contrast of the concrete and your lush flowers is truly lovely. I'm impressed!

  2. I admire your perseverance! I love how the flowers look in your container. Thanks for not giving up-what an inspiration!


  3. Just as wonderful as the amazing containers are the perfect choices and arrangements of the bouquets and the truly awesome photography. All so beautiful to behold!
    Keep going, Jill!♥


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