It's Close Enough to Who I Am

Yesterday, I was working in the barn and it was chilly.  I had on layers.  But, I always have on layers.  Even in the house.  I'm always cold.  
The plaids and the layers caught my eye in the bathroom mirror and I thought I wanted to remember these beautiful layers.  So I took a picture.  A selfie if you will.  

I have to admit that I actually smoothed out my wrinkles in Photoshop before posting this, because the years have not been good to me age-wise.  But what has been good is that I don't really care.  Well, I care enough to not show you all how really awful it is, but as my sweet Gardening Friend said, "It's who I am."  ♥  

In my case, "It's close enough to who I am!"

Then I decided that it may be a good exercise to try and draw it.

I like the layers. ♥

Why am I posting this?  I guess to just share how little details are valuable.  And, that if I would have been so self conscious to not take the picture, I wouldn't have been able to spend the time thinking about and drawing the layers. 

I'm not completely over the self conscious thing. (Obviously, no face included!)  When my girls were looking at the photos on my phone, I had a small panic of my photo being on there, and had to quickly explain why I had taken a photo of myself!  Truly felt the need to explain it! 

~Have a great week~


  1. Oh my dear you are peeking into my life aren't you? Wish we could linger at a round table on a crisp fall day in our flannels while pondering life's gifts. And few better gifts than worn flannels and wrinkles. A life well lived.

  2. You are a creature
    Of many lovely layers...
    Keep unfolding them!


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