Spoonflower Bag

(Hello again!)

Our fair has come and gone and was a really good experience again for the girls.  I've shared a few things on Instagram.  I was  the most excited about this project because I have been hoping to design my own fabric and have printed through Spoonflower for a long time.  For now, I get to enjoy my daughter's design and project!

Through a 4h project manual, the girls were introduced to how to make a repeating seamless surface  design. I then learned how to do it through Photoshop watching various online tutorials.  I taught my daughter the basics of Photoshop and then how to make the repeating seamless design. 

We then uploaded her design to Spoonflower and when the fabric came, she followed the instructions here on the Spoonflower blog to make this drawstring back pack.

I just think it's great.

And, I think it's fantastic that technology has opened up so many doors for so many people!

This bag gets to go on to the State Fair (as do a few other projects) hurray!!

Hopefully, this fall I will have my first go at some yardage from Spoonflower too.  The fabric is really nice and I'd highly recommend it!  You don't have design your own of course, and can find some great yardage by designers.  Lots of fun to peruse what's available.

Stay tuned for a couple of garden posts!

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  1. You've planted your seeds well, Jill - and the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree! Beautiful model - beautiful bag. Great job, Audrey!!


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