Nature Inspired Tree

This year for our tree we decided to go with a nature theme.  And, by we, I mean me.....ha!
I bought some birch logs at an estate sale a number of years ago and really haven't found a good place to use them for decorations.  Well, now one has been sliced up!

I started wood burning and experimenting with designs and these are the ones that will go on the tree.  Wood burning at my skill level demands a simple design and great for me, I like simple designs! (I found inspiration via Pinterest)

I used water color paint to add the red and white washes.

I have  few I did that I won't hang on the tree, but will find another place for them.  The little white dots are not faces. I tried a coat of varnish on this one and the sun was reflecting off of that on the heads.  In person, it's just a dark circle.

I've also had cedar logs cut and stored for projects in our barn so made some very rustic bird houses out of them.  A piece of old trim was cut for the roofs.

As I was sitting them out when I brought them upstairs, my husband said, "You could make a village."  And, the wheels began to turn!  Maybe something to experiment with in the new year!

I'll post pictures of the tree when it's finished.  I've made a few bird nests, and wreaths from the wild grape vines on our property. 

I should have added that the budget for this nature tree was very in no money was going to be spent.  Just using up what I already had or could forage.


There are some in our extended family that will be having a very difficult Christmas this year due to a sudden and tragic loss. And, others in our periphery who have struggles, fears, and losses. My heart this Advent is with them and all who find themselves grieving or in despair this time of year.  So much and so many to pray for.  And, what a blessing to be able to do so.



Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit!

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