Vintage White Sale on Etsy

The Etsy Vintage Market Team is hosting a January White Sale--with their own vintage twist. Just search the term "vmteamwhitesale" on Etsy--to see what all is offered. I have a few items in my jillruth shop included.

One is this very pretty antique crocheted nightgown I had on a dress form in my sewing room for years. It was time to change things around a bit, so I am offering it now in my shop. The dress form now stands empty waiting for the right adornment. I think instead of a dress, I will cover it with altered art pieces.


  1. Oh my gosh - the night dress is GORGEOUS!!! I have a dress form I covered up with vintage ads from old magazines... LOLOL Poor girl, she didn't know what hit her...

    Happy Monday!!! I'm loving the chocolate pot too!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  2. what a beauty! good luck on the white sale!

  3. Best luck on your white sale. Lezlee

  4. Hi! I saw your comment to me about sorting buttons on the Iantique on line - Collecting vintage buttons and the reference to your post in Aug. about button sorting. I then spent the next hour reading your blog posts! I love so many of the same things as you and am going to go add you to my blog roll so I can continue to enjoy your posts!


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